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Eltham College

Marketing and Communications support for Eltham College marketing team for several years. Supplying design, artwork and implementation for all the College's communications. 

EC Prospectus .jpg

Eltham College prospectus design, artwork and print management

A2 Poster (low res) 12June.jpg
EC A5 Open Morning Flyer-1.jpg

Press advertising design and artwork


Wayfinding for College Grounds

Book Cover Artwork V1.jpg
EC ISG Half Page Advert - ELT4601 low-re
EC 6th form OE SE9 Oct Half Page Advert.
17 Senior Registration form-1.jpg
 EC Spring Newsletter V3-1.jpg
Turberville Site Plan.jpg
EC Ronnie Scotts 2014 Poster.jpg

Book cover design and artwork

New building construction location map and infographics 

EC New Build Timeline infographic Artwor

Registration forms and parent newsletters

College event poster design and artworks 

EC New Build Timeline infographic Artwor
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